Draft Commissioner Minutes 03/01/17

Posted by: Stafford Co. Clerk

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Stafford County Commissioners

Minutes of Meeting

March 1, 2017


 The Stafford County Board of County Commissioners met in regular session on Wednesday, March 1, 2017. Present: Clayton Grimmett, Kurt Fairchild and Shane Stimatze. Chairman Fairchild called the meeting to order promptly at 9:00 a.m.

Dr. Richard Carter, Todd Taylor, Jo Caley, Petrina Harris, Stafford County Hospital personnel, Boyd Volker, hospital board chair, and Stan Woodward, concerned citizen, met with the board to discuss the hospital. Ms. Harris explained the January financials. An overall loss of $ 51,539 was reported. Chairman Fairchild asked what the loss for the year 2016 was. Harris told the board that it was an unaudited amount of $ 1.4 million. As per the board request, bank statements and accounts payable ledgers were presented.   Dr. Carter discussed the future plans for the hospital.

Amy Collins, Extension Agent, presented information on the Operation Red File Program. This is a program designed to keep important papers available to emergency personnel, which are kept in a magnetic file on the refrigerator. Amy asked that the commissioners sponsor the project. 500 files would run $ 1,000.00. It was the consensus of the board to approve the appropriation.

Commissioner Grimmett moved and Stimatze seconded to enter into the Farm Lease and management Agreement with Double S Farms for the old Sandyland property. Motion carried 3-0.

Chelsea Keck, Health Director, met with the board to discuss hiring a receptionist. The position will be advertised in the local newspapers. Commissioner Stimatze moved and Grimmett seconded to approve the edited job description for the receptionist position at the health department. Motion carried 3-0. At the request of Chelsea, Commissioner Stimatze moved and Grimmett seconded to recess to executive session for 15 minutes pursuant to the personnel matters exception in order to discuss a performance matter. Motion carried 3-0. In at 9:44 a.m.,out at 9:58 a.m. Those present: Commissioners, County Attorney, County Clerk and Chelsea. No action was taken.

Sheriff Murrow and Undersheriff Fischer met with the board to discuss the possibility of upgrading the tasers in the sheriff office. Taser International presented a quotation for a plan that over five years three tasers can be purchased for $ 792.00 per year. Following discussion, Commissioner Stimatze moved and Grimmett seconded to approve the outright purchase of 3 tasers for $ 3,812.64. Motion carried 3-0. Murrow discussed the sheriff salary with the board. The request of an additional $ 10,000.00 per year was brought up. The increase would put Murrow at what he was making as Undersheriff with all of the additional hours he worked. Currently the sheriff salary is set at $ 51,957.96. Commissioner Stimatze moved to increase the sheriff salary $ 10,000.00. Motion carried 3-0.

Commissioner Grimmett moved and Stmatze seconded to approve the minutes of the February 15th session. Motion carried 3-0.

Commissioner Grimmett moved and Stimatze seconded to approve the minutes of the non-meeting of February 22nd.  Motion carried 3-0.

Davin Graves, Fire Director, informed the board that Rob Murrow has retired as the District Chief at Macksville. Jeremy Butler will be the new District Chief, on a year’s probation until he completes a required class. Shane Grizzell will be the Assistant District Chief. There is surplus radio equipment that needs to be disposed of. It was the consensus of the board to dispose of the equipment as the department sees fit. The Fire department has a hose reel that was purchased several years ago. The reel is much larger than the department needs. Graves was directed to advertise that for sale as well. The City of Hudson is looking at purchasing generators for a few locations around the city. It was brought up that perhaps the fire department could purchase a generator for use at the fire station. A donation of $ 1,000 had been received in 2016 for use at the Hudson Station. A generator would be purchased up to $ 1,000 for use at the fire station.

During the session, payroll and accounts payable vouchers and checks were approved and signed from the following funds:

General                 $ 239,529.94

Road & Bridge           62,130.65

Health                         10,460.19

Fire                                5,374.69

Noxious Weed            4,284.77

Appraiser                   11,974.47

Solid Waste                 4,685.82

EMS                            15,740.20

Motor Veh                        584.55

Ins Res                              108.00

PHEP                                100.00

E 911                             1,475.65

DARE                                261.60

TOTAL                   $ 356,710.53

There being no further business Chairman Fairchild adjourned the meeting at 10:35 a.m.





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