Draft Commissioner Minutes 04/11/18

Posted by: Stafford Co. Clerk

Meeting Status: Draft


Stafford County Commissioners
Minutes of Meeting
April 11, 2018


The Stafford County Board of County Commissioners met in regular session on Wednesday, April 11, 2018. Present: Commissioners Clayton Grimmett, Kurt Fairchild and Todd Wycoff. Chairman Grimmett called the meeting to order promptly at 8:30 a.m.

Misty Blakeslee, EMS Director, requested permission to hire Brandon Clark as a full time EMS Employee to run out of the Stafford Station. Clark will start at Range 5 Step 1. Commissioner Wycoff moved and Fairchild seconded to hire Brandon Clark for the EMS position at a starting wage of Range 5 Step 1. Motion carried 3-0. Misty then requested a salary increase for Michelle Huston, moving from Range 5 Step 4 to Range 5 Step 5, effective May 1, 2018. Commissioner Fairchild moved and Wycoff seconded to approve the increase as presented. Motion carried 3-0.

Commissioner Wycoff moved and Fairchild seconded to approve the minutes from the April 4th session. Motion carried 3-0.

LaDona Garcia, Treasurer, presented the first quarter investment report for 2018.

Davin Graves, Fire Director, met with the board to discuss several items. The logistics of moving trucks around to accommodate the need for water in each district was discussed. The department has been placed on the list with the Forestry department for an M978 tanker. It was the consensus of the board to allow Davin to dispose of surplus equipment that is no longer usable. A controlled burn that got out of control last week was discussed as to the parameters of the specifications each burn has to meet. Davin was instructed to change the specifications on the resolution and return to commission meeting for approval.

Carolyn Dunn, Economic Development Director, met with the board to discuss the results of the opportunity zone study. There is a portion of eastern Stafford County that is designated as an opportunity zone.

Carl Miller, Appraiser, met with the board to discuss the purchase of a copier and a plotter for his department. Miller usually has bids made for three counties in order to get a better discount. Ellsworth and Pawnee counties are the other counties that Miller is the Appraiser for. The bid for the copier came in from OPI at a cost of $ 8,635.00, if three are purchased. $ 9,435.00 if only one is purchased. The plotter purchase came in at $ 4,960.00 to purchase three and $ 5,580.00 for one. Miller has no budget room for this purchase for 2018. No action was taken on the request until funding can be resolved.

There being no further business Chairman Grimmett adjourned the meeting at 10:15 a.m.





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