County Clerk

The department of Stafford County Clerk provides the following:

  • County Election Official
  • Combine all valuations for each tax district and certify values to each tax district and the state
  • Assist with preparation of township and cemetery budgets and annual reports
  • Audit all budgets and file with the state
  • Compute all tax levies and prepare levy sheets
  • Prepare real estate, personal property and state assessed tax roll and certify to County Treasurer
  • Prepare added and abated taxes to original tax statement/tax roll
  • Prepare Homestead and Food Sales Tax returns
  • Issue building moving permits
  • Maintain tax unit maps of the county
  • Balance and certify distribution of motor vehicle taxes to County Treasurer
  • Accumulate and file a bonded indebtedness report of all county tax entities

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Contact Info

County Clerk

Nita Keenan
County Clerk &
Contact for County Commission

P.O. Box 296

209 North Broadway, 2nd Floor
St. John, Kansas 67576

Business Hours
8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Monday – Friday
Closed Holidays

Nita Keenan