Probation Information

The 20th Judicial District Court Services central office staff travel to Ellsworth, Rice, Russell, and Stafford counties to monitor probationers and to cover Court responsibilities in those counties.

Services Provided by Court Services:

Primary Services provided by the Court Services office include adult felony, adult misdemeanor, and juvenile offender supervision and completion of Adult and Juvenile Pre-Sentence investigations.

Client Supervision entails CSOs monitoring probationer’s compliance of probation conditions as ordered by the Court. Intensity of supervision is determined by risk to the community and by the probationer’s needs. Conditions of probation are as ordered by the Court. Monitoring compliance of probation conditions is accomplished by various means. Those include, but are not limited to: personal visits; home visits; collateral contacts; random urinalysis and breath analysis; collection of court costs, restitution, fines, indigent defense fees, and probation fees; coordinating resources and referrals; random curfew checks; and coordination and supervision of Community Work Service.

Adult Pre-Sentence Investigations (PSIs) are completed on all individuals with felony convictions (these investigations are optional for misdemeanor convictions). Pre-Sentence Investigations provide background regarding the official version of the offense, the defendant’s version of the offense, victim’s statement, and a complete criminal history, to aid the Court in sentencing decisions.

Juvenile Pre-Sentence Investigations are ordered on individuals with juvenile adjudications when the Court does not have sufficient background information to make disposition in a case. Juvenile Pre-sentence Investigations provide the Court with an outline of the current offense, social background, academic and employment history, health and substance abuse background, victim’s statement, and criminal and placement history.

Other Services When ordered, Court Services Officers also provide supervision of bond cases; informal supervision of child in need of care cases; completion of reintegration reports; supervision of electronic monitoring; presentation of Check Management Seminar; coordination of the DUI Impact Panel; drug and alcohol testing for domestic cases; referral and completion of DNA testing; transportation of juveniles to the JAIL program, and community involvement by serving on various task forces and committees. In addition, Court Services officers attend continual training seminars each year.

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